Veil-Illuminating Complexion Fix

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Being a pro make-up artist I am always looking for the ‘perfect’ concealer, take a look in my kit and you will see that I have a few! However I never seem to find one that will suit as many different skins types as possible so inevitably carry a lot of different formulas and textures until now I hope!

I was given a selection of Veil Illuminating Complexion Fix to try and think this could be a game changer!

What first got me excited was having one product with multiple uses , from using it as a concealer, a highlighter and all over fix but with the added benefit of skincare too. I love the fact that I can get everything I need in one easy to use pen!

Veil Complexion Fix

So for the background of this product!

It was created by celebrity makeup artist Sebastien Tardif and launched in 2012, it combines Lightfast Technology™ which is a  brightening, soothing, and hydrating compound.  It targets melanin production, interrupting its development, preventing additional dark spots from appearing, while calming, soothing, and increasing moisture levels  – leaving skin texturally smoother, refined and more even over time.

It helps solve problems like-

  • Under eye circles
  • Dark spots
  • Dull complexion
  • Uneven skin tone, colour
  • Sensitivity, redness, irritation
  • Fine lines, wrinkles

It also is oil and paraben and alcohol free. Its hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic as well as being dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested and not tested on animals

So to try it on me! I don’t suffer from dark circles regularly but when I do I need some cover! I find it difficult to get the right balance of cover without highlighting lines around the eye so was keen to give this a try under my eyes! Given that it hydrates I was hoping this would do just that and was very pleased with the result, cover but without looking heavy.

I used a really small amount, a little goes a long way, and just patted it gently under my eye area and into the corner too and the results were really natural looking. It was easy to blend, left my skin feeling smoother but didn’t feel heavy at all. When I saw the results under my eye I carried on and used it to cover blemishes, redness around my nose and even out some uneven patches. I would definitely use this on a day to day basis as an all over cover too when I want a softer, more natural looking make-up.

It toned down darkness and gave my skin a real lift too, I used P2. I have absolutely no other make up on my skin only moisturiser in this pic!


The colour choice is great too, there are 3 colour ways, with 4 shades in each family, I only tried P and G shades but found that the undertones were subtle and blended really well with my natural tones.

P-Subtle undertones of pink
N- Undertones of pink & gold, neutral 
G-Subtle undertones of gold
I’m just coming to the end of some of my kit concealers and am delighted to find a replacement that I feel is even better, think this will also be going in my own make-up bag now too!
Veil Illuminating Complexion Fix is £24.00 and available at Blow and Beauty and the

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