Timeless Truth Facial Beauty Masks

Timeless Truth Facial Beauty Masks

I’ve long been a fan of facial sheets going back many years when I used Estée Lauder stress relief face sheets on a regular basis until for a reason unbeknown to me they were discontinued and  I couldn’t seem to find anything similar. Recently they have made a resurgence but with many advances in both the sheets themselves and the ingredients.

I was delighted to be invited to try Timeless Truth Facial beauty masks recently so here’s my thoughts!

I got a selection to try, Caviar Q10, Orchid Replenishing and Apple Stem Cell Collagen plus some eye mask samples.

The sheets come in two ranges, a fusion range that use an innovative patented system with beneficial extracts in freeze dried powder form that are embedded in the cloth as well as being soaked in serum. The combination of the powder and serum results in maximum efficiency and greater absorption.

The luxury range which uses 3 different types of cloth, either elasticity, that have added extra elastic cotton fibres in the material and  a special absorbtion function that can spread out the serum equally to every corner of the face just like manually applying a cream, Bio Cellulose is extremely delicate; it fits perfectly on the skin and can aid penetration of serum deep into facial tissue, and Hydra Fibre, a silk like feel that is light and flexible.

I chose to try the Orchid Replenishing mask first as felt in need of some replenishment and I liked the idea of a hydrating mask which helps lock in moisture and plumps out the skin!

Each mask comes with clear directions how to use, recommended skin type and a list of benefits, the orchid mask benefits include brightening, moisturising and anti oxidant to name a few and is recommended for dry,mature skin. This was an elasticity mask that was loaded with serum, and  surprisingly flexible and stretchy! I was a bit apprehensive that I was going to tear it but it moved and stretched really easily.

The masks come with easy to follow instructions and also a useful video on the website on how to apply as with the mask there is more to it than meets the eye, it’s not just a flat mask it comes with special ear hooks that hook neatly over the ears and a chin piece that goes under the chin and also then hooks over the ears, with this in place you can walk around with it in place with no danger of it falling of, I personally prefer to lie down and put my feet up for 20 minutes!

After this time I felt the mask on my face and could definitely feel that I had absorbed a lot of the serum from the sheet. On removing I was straight to the bathroom mirror to see if I looked any different and well yes I actually did! My skin looked plumper, something I’ve never truly noticed after using a product before. My skin also looked brighter and felt smoother. This mask really delivers results!

There also an added bonus of extra serum in the packet so pop in the fridge and use over the next couple of days as a little top up. You can also put the mask in the fridge before use for a refreshing touch or place the sachet in warm water for a warmer feel, perfect in winter!

I can’t wait to try the others and will update here as soon as I do!

The mask in action!


Timeless Truth facial beauty masks are available at www.ttmasks.co.uk and the Orchid masks cost £6.50 for one and £31.00 for five.

Thank you to Angela at TT beauty masks for sending me the masks to try.

All products were PR supplied unless otherwise stated