Nanshy – Gobsmack Glamourous Face Brush Set

Nanshy – Gobsmack Glamourous Face Brush Set

If there’s one thing I can never have too many of its a great make-up brush, my pro collection will vouch for that, so I was really looking forward to trying out the Nanshy Face brushes. I had seen a colleague of mine rave about them and she really knows her products so I was intrigued to try them myself.
These brushes are all synthetic fibre and although I do use some synthetic I also still have a lot of natural fibre brushes too, I personally find synthetic work better for wet products, such as foundations, cream blushes etc. and natural for powder products and so far I have only found one synthetic powder brush that I would say was almost indistinguishable from natural fibre and that’s the Lola Make-up by Perse Powder Brush.
So I was really excited to see if these would change my mind!

A little bit about the brand behind them first!

Nanshy claim to be the only true cruelty free brushes and they only use synthetic fibre, never fur. They are 100% vegan and cruelty free and are also approved by Peta. They are UK based and launched in 2012.

So here are my thoughts!

Nanshy Face Brush Set

You get five full size face brushes in the set which amazingly only retails for £34.95.

Conceal Perfector P01

This brush is described as ‘best used in specific targeted areas to apply and blend any concealer, foundation, and even tinted moisturizer. The large diameter that comes to a tip is the ultimate for getting in under your eye and in any other small areas that are usually missed with a brush’.  I liked this as my foundation brush  as generally I don’t apply base to the whole of my face but start from my nose and blend outwards so this worked perfectly to get into the harder to reach areas and blended foundation perfectly. I found it a bit too big for concealer but was great to blend around the eyes to gently blend and soften the edges between concealer and foundation.

Easy to clean too although as the fibres are tightly packed you need to rinse well to ensure all cleaner is removed, this is the same with all the brushes as they are all densely packed.

Nanshy Conceal Perfector P01

Flawless Foundation F01

Although described as a foundation brush I liked this for my powder as it has a flatter top I found it was great to lightly powder either with loose or pressed. It didn’t leave a heavy finish and was very easy to apply with a light touch.I also didn’t notice that this was synthetic and not natural like my usual powder brushes as it worked equally as well for me.

Nanshy Flawless Foundation F01

Buffed Base R01

The type of brush that I use all the time, I always finish my make-up, both on me or my model, to really give a soft blended finish and as this works with both cream and powder finishes gives that airbrush buffed finish to your make-up. A little more compacted fibres that say the Real Techniques blending brush but gave a great result without buffing too much and I actually preferred the density of this.

Nanshy Buffed Base R01

Angled Airbrush FA01

Described as a great brush for blush or powder I think this will be my mufti purpose brush. I liked it for contouring due to the sharp angle which makes it ideal for giving a sculpted look that is then easy to blend with the flat side.

Nanshy Angled Airbrush FA01

Blush & Bronze A01

I am a big fan of cream blush and I tend to apply with my fingers and then soften and blend with a brush after but I used this brush both for application and blending and really liked the results! It was easy to apply and by stippling the blusher on and then gently buffing the outer edges made it really easy to achieve a natural looking finish. I think this may take over from my fingers!

Nanshy Blush and Bronze A01

I was really impressed with these brushes, not only with their performance but also the price too, the individual face brushes retail at £9.95 which is a great price too but shows what exceptional value the set is at £34.95.

The brushes come in either Black Onyx ( as pictured) or Pearlescent White.

I will definitely be looking into the rest of the range soon as they are really high quality brushes that I think give a great professional finish and look like they will stand the test of time! My only dilemma now is will they end up in my pro kit or my make up bag!

Nanshy Face Brush Set


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Many thanks to Nanshy for the brush set

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